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We intend to develop for MorphOS, as soon as we can register our licenses and get the requisite tools.

MorphOS is a mixed proprietary and open source OS produced for the Pegasos PowerPC (PPC)-processor-based computer, most models of PPC-accelerator-equipped Amiga computers, and a series of Freescale development boards that use the Genesi Firmware, including the EFIKA and mobileGT. Since MorphOS 2.4 the Apple, Inc. Mac Mini G4 is supported as well.

The core OS, based on the Quark microkernel, is proprietary, although several libraries and other parts are open source, such as Ambient (the desktop interface, based on MUI).

Morphos includes Trance, a JIT code translator for 68xxx applications written for classic AmigaOS, AHI, a retargetable audio subsystem, CyberGraphX, a retargetable graphics subsystem, and TinyGL, an OpenGL implementation, among other interesting components.

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