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We have written, are writing, and will continue to write software for the "classic" AmigaOS, even though the classic Amiga hardware is no longer manufactured. Due to the somewhat incredible longevity of the original hardware, and the devotion of the Amiga community, 3rd-party add-ons and expansions are still being developed and sold, and the Aminet Archive is one of the largest software repositories in the world for a single platform.

We specialize in AREXX scripts, CanDo decks, and miscellaneous other stuff.

The classic AmigaOS runs on the Motorola 68xxx family of processors. A lot of normal (non-game) AmigaOS software will also run under MorphOS, thanks to its built-in JIT emulator. If you run another OS, there are a number of excellent emulators available, such as Amiga Forever, AmigaSys, AmiKit, and UAE.

OK. Why Amiga? The Amiga is a truly revolutionary computer that has been blowing our minds since 1985. Due to the custom hardware and efficient OS, the Amiga multitasks better than some machines sold decades later. It gives the user incredible control over their computing environment, and is simply fun to use. That's why!

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